Pathogenesis: Overcome

by 269th Lab Games Softworks
Pathogenesis: Overcome
269th Lab Games Softworks
269th lab games softworks
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Action RPG, Sandbox, Survival
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Pathogenesis: Overcome is an isometric 3D action RPG with survival elements and real-life combat tactics. The game takes place in Leningradskaya oblast (outskirts of "second capital" in Russia), during global pandemic of 2023.


  • Rough reality of Russian environment during world shattering pandemic.
  • Old school inspired hardcore action gameplay, powered by Unreal Engine 4.
  • Open locations with non-linear approach to mission solving.
  • Different factions without black and white in the way of the protagonist.
  • Isometric camera with the original camera movement system, ensuring more dynamic gameplay.
  • Non target aiming system with unique sight mode for guaranteed hit of half-hidden targets.
  • Character`s 3D inventory and MOLLE equipment systems.
  • Extensive arsenal of Russian weapons with the correct ballistics and the possibility of modification.
  • Base survival elements - hunger, thirst, fatigue, illness and complex characters injury system.
  • Realtime day-night cycle and weather effects.
  • Autonomous companion of the protagonist.

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