Sayri: The Beginning

by Vidloonnya Reborn
Sayri: The Beginning
Vidloonnya Reborn
PC, Xbox, PS, Nintendo
In Development
Adventure, Puzzle, Visual novel
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Experience an adventure rooted in the joys of exploration, friendship, and discovery. Taking a few pages out of Pixar’s handbook, Sayri aims to warm your heart and whisk you away on a colorful journey, filled with emotion and wonder. While this new world is certainly beautiful, it is not without its hardships. Sayri will show that by trusting in your friends and maintaining your determination, you can overcome any challenge. 

With family-friendly, non-violent gameplay and strong underlying moral values, the game makes use of handcrafted environments, puzzles, and striking visual storytelling to create a soul-pleasing experience. If you want the video game equivalent of a warm hug, this might just be it. 

Sayri is an adorable alien creature that you will likely find quite relatable, despite the additional legs, ears, and horns. They are as smart as they come, loyal to a fault, and empathetic toward all creatures, great and small. Players will meet Sayri in the aftermath of a terrible tragedy. The homeworld they once knew is gone, having succumbed to a catastrophic disaster.

All that remains of their species has evacuated to an alien planet aboard ancient escape vessels. Sayri must brave this new world in search of a new home, lost family, and the truth behind the disaster that befell their homeworld. Open your heart to those in need, and they may in turn repay the favor. 

Wherever the journey leads, whatever obstacle you face, however dark it gets, you are never alone. The friends you make in your travels will have your back in any situation. The kindness you show the world has a funny way of coming back to you. 


  • Experience a story of love, loss, and friendship. 
  • Explore a gorgeous, vibrant planet.
  • Make friends with interesting creatures and use their unique abilities to complete puzzles. 
  • Wield telekinetic powers to interact with the world.