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by Alter Games

Partisans is a real-time tactical strategy. This game is about soviet partisans and their activity during World war II. It’s focused on harsh reality in those times when many people became reluctant h...

In Development
by Vallynne

Shores Unknown is a single-player tactical RPG featuring an innovative gridless battle system combined with epic fights against huge bosses and enemy armies. Steam page - https://store.steampowered.co...

In Development
by Charge Game Studio

Ты чернильный, чернильный человек, Шут на службе короны. У тебя было все необходимое: любимая работа и любимая принцесса, но все осталось позади. Зло захватило замок, и его зовут Хосе, бесенок. Король...

In Development
by Game Runners

Rubico is a turn-based tactical game with RPG elements in the steampunk setting. You were in the middle of a dying city, in the center of which a giant monster nestled — the Plague. People infected wi...

In Development
by Game Gods

Age of Silence is a single-player, first-person party-based RPG. The gameplay is inspired by both the Might and Magic and Wizardry series. Action takes place in a fantasy world reborn after a cataclys...

In Development
by Candy Valley Network

In a world very different from ours life was relatively peaceful between the tribal people in touch with the lush nature around them and the creatures roaming the woods and vast landscapes. The balanc...

In Development
by Kremlincorp

Stalin vs Martians 4 is a dynamic hybrid of isometric action and Stalinism. This kind of synergy provides unlimited possibilities for the intricacy of sophisticated ambivalence of synesthesia. Or what...

In Development
by StarniGames

Strategic Mind: The Pacific is a turn-based strategy set in the WW2 period depicting the war between the USA and the Empire of Japan waged in the Pacific Ocean with mindblowing historical accuracy and...

In Development
by StarniGames

Panzer Strategy is a World War II wargame that combines classic turn-based strategy gameplay with modern looks. Command your armies and adapt your units to any objective using a huge selection of real...

by Ironward

The Red Solstice is a top-down action strategy game. Forge your personal story of defending the planet through a series of combat missions and strategic choices while researching new technologies. The...

In Development
by Near Creation Studio

Spirit is a story about a girl — Laura — who goes to the lost forest in search of a mysterious creature that can cure her mother’s deadly disease.The plot unfolds around the adventures of Laura and tw...

In Development
by Vadd Games

Self Shot is a first-person shooter about a teenage girl, Ren, who descends deep into her mind to meet and overcome her own fears, complexes and experiences. All this in order to remember what happene...

In Development
by rionix

This simple strategy game with management elements, interesting quests, and hidden objects will entertain you for several days. Build things, participate in battles, use magic items, and brew potions....

In Development
by Magisterion

Frozen Flame — Multiplayer Action RPG. “Survivors can still be found among the ruins, but the power of their flames have perished. The world of dragons was captured by the corrupted and now it appears...

In Development
by 269th Lab Games Softworks

Pathogenesis: Overcome is an isometric 3D action RPG with survival elements and real-life combat tactics. The game takes place in Leningradskaya oblast (outskirts of "second capital" in Russia), durin...

In Development
by GoldenCupGames

Exciting adventure game inspired by Korney Chukovsky's poem "Stolen sun". A story about two friends: Mighty — treasure hunter bear and G.R.O.M — robot developed by soviet scientists. Combine heroes un...

In Development
by Alien Prism

Путь Годри - видеоигра, разрабатываемая по циклу книг-бестселлеров Дема Михайлова "Мир Вальдиры".

In Development
by VRobot:Robotics in VR

Become an inventor and expert in robotics! Build, program, play.Using HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift plunge into the amazing world of virtual reality, where you can master the skills of programming and desi...

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