GwenBlade: Inner Demons

by RedTieGuy
GwenBlade: Inner Demons
PC, Xbox, PS, Nintendo
In Dev
Action, Adventure
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GwenBlade: Inner Demons is a story about Jane, a psychologist, who specializes in treating creative and artistic  people. You, as Jane, will have to face the hardest week in your career trying to help five different people. Under mysterious circumstances it just so happened that all five clients in a some way related to Jane which makes her work really-really difficult. On top of that she has financial issues and on the edge of bankruptcy. But Jane is no ordinary psychologist: she has an ace up her sleeve! She can enter a person’s mind, see his inner world and heal him from the inside fighting with his inner demons ㅡ demons are materialized fears, emotions and all kind of negative things. Although she rarely uses her ability, but this time she has no choice...


The game is action-adventure kind in which you talk with your clients, literally, dive into their inner world and fight their demons, thus healing them. You’ll draw psychological portraits of a client, wander in his memories, try to figure out whether a client is telling truth or not, accompanying all of this with mind-blowing fights both in the air and on the ground with the demons ㅡ materialized fears, insecurities, emotions and feelings.

First and foremost, I wanna make not just a videogame but a colourful, visually impressive adventure in the deepest corner of the mind, with many elusive metaphors and images. This is what I don’t usually see in the video game industry. As well as really good written characters and stories. Most of the time it's nearly impossible to make a good story in-game with many alternative endings because some of them make the story impossible or doesn't make much sense. But this time the story and gameplay walk shoulder to shoulder.