80 Level Job Digest: Great Positions for FX Artists, Animators & Software Engineers

80 Level Job Digest: Great Positions for FX Artists, Animators & Software Engineers

Очередной уже традиционный дайджест прекрасных вакансий в крутых игровых компаниях — к вашим услугам.

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Technical Animator – Unreal 4 (Remote) at 8 Circuit Studios


  • Experience with Keyframe animation and motion capture data, with fundamental animation principles
  • Support and improve the integration of animation assets from Maya (or equivalent 3D tools) to Unreal Engine 4
  • Contribute to improving the animation pipeline
  • Own the skinning process for a variety of characters, weapons, garments and gear
  • Manage code and content delivery with Perforce
  • Document process

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CFX Artist/Houdini Artist at UNXD


  • Perform cloth setups, cloth sims, vellum and various RBD setups and sims to perfectly match the physics of real materials, which maintain/contain character motion and deformation systems; secondary dynamics systems.
  • Assist in the creation of complex costume embellishments (cloth, hair, fur, feathers, small, embellishments, scales etc.) and help with grooming.
  • Setup simulation- and animation-ready procedural scatter assets with properly prepared, texture maps/IDs for material development.
  • Maintain and develop a library of in-house procedural assets.
  • Develop new techniques and processes to solve technical production challenges.
  • Work closely with Cloth Designers, Character Artists & Character Animators. 

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Software Engineer – Simulation & Visualization at MSG Sphere Studios

Specific Functions/Activities Summary:

  • Collaborate closely with Engineering Lead to design, prototype, and develop VR / Desktop / Mobile applications, tools, and plugins for simulation and visualization of content for our venues to integrate into our previz / capture / dailies pipelines.
  • Work closely with Software Operations, Systems, and Venue Tech teams to integrate and test our tools on various hardware configurations.
  • Connect and integrate our applications with cloud-based backend solutions and services for Dailies review and approval.
  • Collaborate closely with Productions and other departments to share pipeline innovations, improvements, and help integrate our custom tools.
  • Communicate technical approaches and support proofs of concepts / projects with various partners and vendors.
  • Write technical documentation and clearly communicate complex solutions and challenges, even to non-technical staff.
  • Work on multiple projects and prioritize tasks for each.
  • Stay current on relevant technology and conduct necessary research, due diligence, prototyping, and testing to assess emerging technology options.
  • Identify areas that require attention and work with the Software project management team to ensure time and resources are properly allocated.

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VFX Artist (Horizon Call of the Mountain) at Firesprite


  • Creating and designing high quality real-time visual FX for characters, environments and gameplay.
  • Assist in establishing the visual style of the VFX alongside the Art Director and Design team.
  • Optimizing visual effects for performance while maintaining high-quality standards.
  • Maintain the production pipeline and meeting deadlines.
  • Working closely with other departments while creating and implementing VFX assets.
  • The ability to work from photo reference or concept art, or found footage to deliver a fully game ready asset including texturing and shading in game engine.
  • To deliver on the spec given by the Art Director by helping to set and maintain a high-quality bar for the projects VFX.

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Lead FX Artist at Platige Image


  • Assign and review tasks for simulations such as Pyro, Fluids, Destruction, and all kind of experimental effects.
  • Mentor and lead FX Artists in their development by providing artistic guidance and technical expertise.
  • Together with Supervisors, evaluate the creative and technical approach for assigned shots and sequences.
  • Drive the technological development of the workflow of your team and the entire pipeline.
  • Maintain good team dynamics and show initiative in solving everyday problems.

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Senior VFX Artist (Remote Flexible) at Starbreeze

Job Tasks: 

  • Creating and implementing Visual effects and pushing them beyond the industry standards
  • Being able to follow references, concepts, and art direction while also having the initiative to take the work further independently
  • Drive VFX development and communicate with peers, managers, and vendors
  • Work closely with the team to ensure that quality is consistent and cohesive

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Senior Technical Artist – Games Technology at SideFX

What you will be working on:

  • Consult with clients to understand their goals and help them overcome technical challenges
  • Provide production insight into R&D feature development
  • Broaden and deepen your knowledge of Houdini while maintaining close contacts with the industry and anticipating trends
  • Create production-quality example content and example tools
  • Explore and prototype experimental Houdini workflows and tools
  • Conduct usability testing to verify feature work in production use cases
  • Understand Houdini workflows with partner technologies
  • Other duties as assigned

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