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Crystal Plague
by RavelinGames

Crystal Plague — dynamic action roguelite. Use alchemy, magic and weapons to fight your way to the creator of the crystal plague — the Alchemist. With each level, the Alchemist will use alchemy and ma...

In Dev
by Massa Games

Our game is not about the sea, not about the Caribbean, not about dolphins, not about the cheerful adventures of the brave tough guys.) It's about criminals in the 17th and 18th centuries, about pirat...

In Dev
by Alexander Semenov

"Планета есть колыбель разума, но нельзя вечно жить в колыбели" Константин Эдуардович ЦиолковскийУже в этом веке Человек покинет пределы земной орбиты и ступит на поверхность других планет.Как это мог...

In Dev
Titanium Hound
by Red Spot Sylphina

Титановая Гончая — экшен видео игра с элементами платформинга и головоломок, обладающая ретро-стилистикой и относящаяся к жанру киберпанк, в которой вам предстоит управлять огромным и быстрым экзоскел...

In Dev
by Artnroll Games

R.U.N a Single Player - Shoot 'Em Up - Fighting - Narrative Adventure with RPG elements.  In a Cyberpunk-ish greedy and twisted world. In R.U.N. you take as Clark Price on the corrupt government of an...

In Dev
Fake Dream
by Alexander Nemenkov

Странное существо не из нашей реальности похитило душу девочки — дочери главного героя игры. Главный герой обладает особенностью — он помнит все свои сны и умеет перемещаться по мирам своих сновидений...

In Dev
Heretic's Lot
by GoldenCupGames

What will you get out of mixing puzzle, RPG and roguelike? Correct — HERETIC’S LOT! Make your way through cursed lands to repent your sins. Learn perks, collect battle spells, solve puzzles, discover...

In Dev
by Evegeniy Konnik

Story The main character's mother cannot contact with aunt and asks her son to check if everything is in order. On behalf of the mother, the main character goes to his aunt's house... You play as Kev...

Twilight Wars
by Comrade Bear Games

Twilight Wars is a dungeon crawler in a cyberpunk setting, where teams of secret agents fight for the interests of corporations. Revive a secret organization, recruit and equip a team of specialists —...

In Dev
Mercenary Skirmish
by 4ugui

Сетевая и одиночная ролевая игра от 3 лица в фэнтезийном средневековом сеттинге. Multiplayer and singleplayer 3rd person RPG with a medieval fantasy setting Дискорд сервер: https://discord.gg/9GZxzyUa...

Open Beta
by Elbrus Lab

Darknot is a non-linear horror game about facing death on your own and staying sane. Here you are, lost in the labyrinth of the city’s streets that feel deceptively calm while being deadly dangerous....

In Dev
They Are Here

They Are Here — хоррор от первого лица про журналиста, ставшего свидетелем инопланетного вторжения на ферме Грейсвуд. Исследуйте местность, вооружившись фонариком. Фотографируйте свидетельства присутс...

In Dev
by Enclave Studio

In Dev
One Day More
by Watt Studio

This platformer game is about one day of Hannah`s life. Hannah is a modern 19-year-old girl, tormented by unrealization. She has lack of understanding and support from her parents. Performing with the...

In Dev
Demon skin
by Ludus future

Single Player - Hack ‘n’ Slash - Fighting - platformer with RPG elements.Medieval fantasy world of Anvilor. There are various types of undead, a race of underground damned gnomes — Derger, various und...

Open Beta
Yuha's Nightmares
by Supr Experience

This is a simulation game about the nightmares that our main character Yuha suffers from. The primary goal of the player is to explore the surrealistic world that is full of strange things and unexpec...

In Dev
by Callback

A flying saucer crashes in a distant Russian village, turning a run-down kolkhoz into the first thin bridge between civilizations. The outcome of this encounter and the impression we make upon the fir...

Open Beta
Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom
by StarniGames

Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom is a history-driven turn-based strategy set in WW2. Take command of the Allied forces and protect your homeland and the whole of Europe from totalitarian madness. For...

Open Beta