80 Level Job Digest: Opportunities for Programmers, Artists & Engineers

80 Level Job Digest: Opportunities for Programmers, Artists & Engineers

После небольшой паузы возвращаются дайджесты с вакансиями в лучших игровых компаниях. Во многих можно работать удаленно. Рекомендуем обратить внимание на Metaverse Game Studios, которая ищет много разных специалистов, в том числе, с возможностью работать удаленно — и они с радостью готовы сотрудничать со спецами из России/Беларуси/Украины.

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Technical Artist (remote) at MSG Sphere Studios

Madison Square Garden Interactive is looking for an accomplished Technical Artist who is eager to join us in our drive to push visual quality to the next level with skills developing tools and creative assets for a variety of real-time technologies. This role requires in-depth technical knowledge and strong aesthetic inclination. The ideal candidate will have a comprehensive understanding of both real-time and standard production art pipelines. The Tech Artist has experience working on AAA titles, has a passion for gaming, and has the ability to create immersive and story-driven work.

What do you need to succeed?

  • 4+ years of professional experience as a technical artist on at least one AAA title
  • Solid experience with high-quality visuals, following memory and performance targets
  • Experience profiling performance and memory within game engines
  • Solid knowledge of current and next-gen art techniques, and fundamental art principles
  • Solid experience with physically based rendering and Substance Suite
  • Extensive game engine experience (Unity, Unreal, Frostbite)
  • Self-motivated, structured, proactive, and detailed oriented
  • Relentless drive to find solutions
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to clearly convey technical concepts to non-technical audiences
  • A passion for games

More info and apply link

Senior Rendering Programmer (Remote Flexible) at Starbreeze

Are you passionate about making great games? Then this might just be the job for you! Starbreeze is now looking for a Senior Rendering Programmer to join our team in Stockholm or Paris.

You will be part of the Engine team, working closely with the Technical Director. You will be responsible for everything render-wise.

Job Tasks:

  • Maintain, simplify, optimize and enhance 2 rendering pipelines (UE4 and Diesel) for all platforms
  • Work on performance oriented engine modules for Payday games
  • Work with consoles
  • Keep up with research and implement new papers useful to our games

Must have:

  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Very good with C++
  • Solid experience as a rendering programmer
  • Team player willing to listen, help and learn

More info and apply link

Character Concept Artist at Metaverse Game Studios

As a Character Concept Artist, you will be responsible for creating high-quality believable Sci-Fi characters for production.

Skills & Requirements:

  • 3+ years in the concept art role
  • A keen eye for character composition, shape, color theory, light, value and detail
  • Experience using 3D software like Mudbox, Blender, 3DsMax, Z-Brush and Maya,
  • Being able to draw hard surface and organic shapes and objects with balancing form and function
  • A portfolio that demonstrates excellent Character concept art skills
  • Being able to adapt realistic sci-fi art style
  • Ability to work from thumbnails, quick drafts to the final product with the Leads’ and Directors’ feedback
  • Strong knowledge of color, light, composition, anatomy, perspective and depth
  • Ability to create multiple variations of the characters and iterate with feedback to the final design
  • Staying up-to-date on industry trends
  • Strong knowledge of video games and films especially Sci-Fi
  • Great communication and being a team player
  • Fluent in English, both verbally and written

More info and apply link

Concept Artist at Streamline Studios

We have an amazing opportunity for an experienced individual looking for a challenge and a change of pace. We believe in T.E.A.M (Technology, Execution, Advisory, and Mastery), which is at the heart of everything that we do. As we consistently expand our presence here in Malaysia, we look for the best talent to help us continually deliver excellence. As such, we believe the 2D/Concept Artist must be able to maintain and manage high levels of quality while working in a rapid, rigorous, and timely manner; has advanced/intermediate texturing and or concept art and illustration experience in addition to knowledge of art processes and production pipeline.


  • Expert in at least three areas of 2D artistic production.
  • High level of drawing and illustration skills, able to work in both digital and traditional mediums.
  • Have a high understanding of human anatomy, perspective, lighting and rendering. Ability to visualize perspective and 3-dimensional space.
  • A keen interest in design, architecture, film and games.
  • Have a vast imagination, Ability to visualize and interpret other people's ideas.
  • Proficient with the software packages and tools of the games industry.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and staff to create a results-driven, team-oriented environment.
  • Able to produce high-quality refined promotional marketing art.

More info and apply link

Senior VFX Artist at Persistant Studios – PopcornFX

We are looking for an experienced and highly talented Senior VFX Artist to create real-time Visual Effects on a custom engine for a major upcoming AAA game. The job is based in our Paris office (partially remote), with potential international missions.

The following skills are required:

  • Minimum 3+ years of professional experience as a VFX artist in games or related industries,
  • Portfolio showcasing recent game VFX work,
  • Good artistic sense (comfortable with realistic effects),
  • Experience with VFX authoring tools (Niagara, PopcornFX v2, Houdini),
  • Comfortable with shader creation (HLSL or visual shader editors),
  • Comfortable with texture creation (Photoshop, Substance),
  • Ability to identify optimization issues in an fx and fix them,
  • Fluent technical English,
  • Ready to learn new processes and software quickly,
  • Eager to receive, seek and give constructive criticism.

More info and apply link

Technical Artist - Environmental at an unannounced San Francisco-based studio

We believe that making games is an art form and a highly specialized craft. Our company exists to serve as a workshop where dedicated craftspeople can thrive while focusing on doing the thing they love. We believe each developer is a uniquely talented individual who should be valued as such. Developers are not replaceable cogs.

As our technical artist, you will:

  • Create pipelines/workflows for environments and architecture (shaders, materials, etc.)
  • Work closely with engineers and artists to develop visual looks for environment
  • Help with optimization - including occlusion, texture and draw call budgets for environmental content.

You should be:

  • A high impact communicator and problem solver as an individual/tool support
  • Confident and experienced in your skillset
  • Positive with a proactive mindset toward challenges

More info and apply link

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