80 Level Job Digest: Open Positions for Talented Artists and Animators

80 Level Job Digest: Open Positions for Talented Artists and Animators

Предлагаем вашему вниманию очередную подборку эксклюзивных вакансий от ведущих игровых компаний.

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Lead Cinematic Character Animator (Narrative Adventure) at Firesprite

Key Responsibilities:

  • Working closely with the Animation Director, Narrative Director, and Technical Animation Lead, you will:
  • Realize motion-captured and keyframed animation to a truly cinematic level.
  • Carry the creative vision through every performance.
  • Cultivate a team capable of realizing the highest quality in cinematic character animation, facial animation, animals, props, and vehicles.
  • Prioritize and manage tasks to ensure that deliverables are completed on time
  • Communicate with other disciplines to resolve any creative or technical difficulties and push project quality.
  • Develop in-house capabilities in character animation production.

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Senior Character Artist at Starbreeze

Job Tasks:

  • Modeling, texturing and implementation of in-game models;
  • Working with shaders and content setup;
  • Being able to follow references, concepts, and art direction while also having the initiative to take the work further independently;
  • Identifying functional and technical aspects of real-life assets;
  • Participate in design choices and communicate with peers, managers and vendors;
  • Work closely with the team and mentor junior talent, to ensure that quality is consistent and cohesive;
  • Maintaining and evolving the 3D asset pipeline.

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Character Technical Artist at Manticore Games


  • Creating and maintaining animation rigs, tools, and workflows.
  • Designing and setting up real-time character dynamics (cloth, hair, chains, etc).
  • Developing facial rigs using joints and pose assets.
  • Working with the animation team to create artist-friendly rigs that satisfy animation and gameplay needs.
  • Working with art teams to develop models that meet technical requirements.
  • Assisting the animation team in troubleshooting setup and animation problems as they arise.
  • Integrating artwork from internal and external sources to game systems including Blueprint Asset content, Data Assets, and Character Parts, for use in the game.

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Senior Lighting Artist at Platige Image


  • Work closely with the Art Director from the very early stages of the project, to set up a compelling and coherent look that set up the mood and tells a story.
  • Improve base lighting rigs by sequence/shot, to keep integrity between different camera angles and situations.
  • Keep up to date on modern trends in real-time rendering and art asset production, serving as a technical and artistic resource and consultant for the entire team.

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Senior Previz Artist at MSG Sphere Studios

Specific Functions/Activities Summary:

  • Work directly with the Previz Supervisor to develop and adhere to Previz methods and techniques that will assure the highest quality end results.
  • Develop Sphere-specific previz techniques and processes using traditional VFX and real-time toolsets
  • Ideal candidates have an appetite for creative execution and are forward-thinking and technologically inclined with an interest in being a part of an ambitious, innovative project requiring collaboration and teamwork.
  • Assist Previz Supervisor in recruiting and training a world-class Previz team.

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