Age of Silence

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Age of Silence
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Adventure, Tactical RPG
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Age of Silence is a single-player, first-person party-based RPG.

The gameplay is inspired by both the Might and Magic and Wizardry series. Action takes place in a fantasy world reborn after a cataclysm. The game focuses on  deep storytelling, exploration and a combination of various game mechanics.


  • Flexible walkthrough. The game is meant to be played with a party, but you can also complete it solo.
  • Real-time combat with active pause. The game has a real-time combat system, but you can put it on pause in order to give commands to your companions.
  • Dynamic world. Every choice counts. A character’s race, class, and skills along with the ways you complete quests and world encounters affect your game experience and walkthrough.
  • Rewarding exploration. The world is full of puzzles, traps and secrets; events happen as you journey across the map.
  • Stories within stories. Many sub-stories, non-linear quests and locations can be explored in any order.

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  • Reborn fantasy world. Explore the land that survived the cataclysm and recovered from the ashes.
  • Mix of genre features. A unique genre featuring  a combination of first-person party RPG, tactical RPG, quest and visual novel.
  • Advanced party management. You need to give more attention to the needs of your companions in order to keep them in the party.
  • Do not miss the opportunity. There are other heroes traveling around the world which are willing to contest you in completing quests and receiving rewards.
  • Cheat Death. Death is not the end of your story. You have a chance to avoid  it and save the lives of your companions.