AirBorne Sea

by WerFEST
AirBorne Sea
Closed Beta
First-person shooter, Simulation, Survival, Wargame
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Are you an old sea dog and can't live a day without a light sea breeze?

Do you love the smell of napalm in the morning?

And your marksmanship and speed of reaction are legendary?


That's why you here!

Feel free to send present with 14 pounds of lead to bad guys and enjoy the results of your work with fireworks of planes burns like a red coal carpet.

Now you can go wild!

But remember that the ship must survive, otherwise not only the sea waves, but also the heavens may be behind your back.


  • Several playable locations (from coastal parking to storm warning in the open ocean); 
  • Three types of weapons for protection (machine gun, homing missiles and barrels from underwater torpedoes);
  • Several types of opponents (attack aircraft, bombers, torpedo bombers...)
  • UE4 Water, Niagara VFX, Physics Simulation