by EvilCoGames
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Action, Puzzle, Simulation, Stealth
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ARSONIST — a pyromaniac guy who has a burning passion for all things fire related.

You step into the shoes of a hit-and-run arsonist with a fuel tank on your back that constantly drops gasoline as you walk. A trail of fire follows the gasoline and burns anything in its wake — including you. This means you need to move fast and plan your route through buildings to optimise your pyro-antics and avoid getting flame-grilled yourself! 

As you progress your arsonist activities, you’ll unlock more missions throughout your city. Starting off in the house yard, you move on to the bank building and other locations, meeting interesting puzzles on the way. 


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A logic action game where you attempt to figure out the best routes to take as the trail of fire burns everything in your wake (and you if you’re not careful!)

Burn it all down! And have a great fun!