PC, Xbox, PS
Action, MOBA
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FeArea is a tactical action game in classic Sci-Fi setting where combat vehicles, walking war robots and mighty tanks battle each other – on many different battlegrounds and in many different game modes in the corporate wars of the future.


•  Lots of PvP content – players can fight with each other on different arenas in 3 different game modes (TDM, DM, CP).

•  Massive battles – every arena supports up to 16 players destroying each other simultaneously.

•  Teamfights based on core game mechanics – the gameplay on each unit is different from each other due to unique class and personal skills that have their advantages over other specific units.

•  Stunning visual – we give a special attention to the graphics in our game – we want to convey the atmosphere of classical science fiction, so we often ask ourselves the two main questions during development process: 1. «Can this weapon / technology work in the future?» 2.«Does it looks awesome?»

•  Physics - thanks to the Unreal Engine and Epic games, we have great realistic physics in FeArea - each model has its own skeleton, different classes of units move on the basis of their own technology (the tank rides on caterpillars, the car on wheels, and the robot steps on its own feet). In FeArea, physics also affects the ability to move the opponent from the spot (and drop it down beyond the limits of the map, of course). Also there are interactive and special destructible objects.

More Info

•  Original Sci-Fi story showed in a tactical TPS/MOBA game with up to 16 players on one map

•  Future military machines, tanks and robots with totally different skills, gameplay and roles

•  Truly classical game modes, loved by many generations of players: Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch and Control Points

•  Highly customizable RPG-style level-up system where player can make unit that suits his gameplay style

•  Realistic physics that affects all levels of gameplay – you can push your enemy out of the map, destroy obstacles or be destroyed by the obstacle