Frozen Flame

by Dreamside Interactive
Frozen Flame
Dreamside Interactive
PC, Xbox, PS, Nintendo
In Dev
Action RPG, MMO
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Frozen Flame — Multiplayer Action RPG.

“Survivors can still be found among the ruins, but the power of their flames have perished. The world of dragons was captured by the corrupted and now it appears on the verge of destruction. Reveal the ancient secrets, master magical artifacts, find allies and stop the darkness before it’s too late!“




Explore a large open world filled with epic artifacts and secrets to uncover. Through the calamity of chaos, only a few humans and dragons were able to survive its destruction.

The planet remains cursed and is filled with monsters that have gone mad by their obsession and thirst for the flame’s unmatched power.


Battle to obtain a legendary flame and become stronger. The flame will allow you to improve your statistics, acquire new equipment and rule nature’s forces.

There is a flexible class system, craft and building. Also there are dynamic third look battles, an option to float high in the sky and climb the walls.


In the end, you have to survive the cataclysm and unbearable cold. If you get through this you will be able to fight one of the legendary dragons and get timeless items as a reward.

There is a new cycle after every cataclysm. On part of the progress is saved and you will face a particular event according to your previous actions. Everytime you will explore something new. The ultimate goal is to find a way to prevent the cataclysm and escape this vicious circle.


Play on your own, with friends or enter one of the ancient orders. Level up your reputation to unlock new opportunities. Each order has its own goals, like hunting the ancient artifacts, confronting other people or saving the survivors.

Join servers of different difficulty, playtime and maximum of players. Despite that about the hundred players can test the fate at once, but only the most experienced and courageous will overcome.