FurFury: Unnatural Selection

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FurFury: Unnatural Selection
Apelsin Games
iOS, Android
In Dev
Action, Third-person shooter
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The game we’re working on is planned to be a casual battle royale for mobile devices with animals as the main heroes.

At the beginning of the game session, a player will have to choose the character and customise it as he wishes with various skills (we call them: implants). Find a place on the map to land, collect weapons, ammo and be the one to outsmart others and survive in the battle!

Players crawled to the top of the leaderboard will be rewarded with special weapons and will get access to other privileges.


What we want to implement in the game: 

  • Character classes (each class has its own weapons and skills)
  • Rich map (7 different locations)
  • Implants system (additional options to level up the hero)
  • High-quality graphics (Unreal Engine allows us to preserve the atmosphere of full-scale pc shooter)
  • User-friendly interface for mobile users (on the beta stage we plan to arrange closed testing)

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Our VK page: https://vk.com/gamegator