Gun Road

by Bread Games
Gun Road
Bread Games
iOS, Android
Closed Beta
Action RPG, Top-down shooter
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There was no alarm. There were no urgent news reports. Just something happened, and the world has changed. The government disappeared, the climate became harsh, dangers appeared everywhere. Well, countryside guys did not notice the difference ...

The Chosen One did not leave the shelter. Mutants did not become super-heroes. People need to live on their own - organize themselves in groups, share the remaining resources or loot them from each other. And, of course, always to go somewhere ... in search of the best places, money, glory and answers ...

So get in any car and move towards adventure! On the road you will find some better vehicles - buy or steal it! Put bigger guns to disperse the bandits, buy an energy shield and become the coolest guy on the Wasteland! And call friends - it's more fun to ride together! Apocalypse has come - and things will not be worse, so it remains only to have fun and blow up everything that gets in the way!


  • Steal-kill-upgrade

    Experience comes with time - and cool perks for your character! And the money saved on gasoline can be spent on improving the car or buying a new one - tune your vehicles to your taste!
  • A new adventure every time

    Locations change procedurally - you never know what awaits you for the next turn. Your personal interactive road-movie will have a unique script every time!

  • Choose your way

    Only you decide where to turn: a short, but dangerous road on the contaminated wasteland, or a distant and safe highway. On the wide and fun path of robberies and crimes or on the meandering path of help to someone who can not appreciate your efforts ...