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You will have to return from oblivion and enter the fierce fight with the forces of Evil. Finding yourself in the middle age world of Hellsplit, you will fight with the undead, solve difficult and interesting quests. The unique battle and physics system will bring you into the true Virtual Reality!


Your avatar copies all your movements, but the weight of his armor and weapon will affect the mobility. The game tracks the accuracy and speed of your motion, the distance you walked also taken into account. You'll have to work hard to succeed!

The Hellsplit physics model considers many weapon features and its ability to cause damage: cutting, slashing, piercing, blunt hits. Try not to break your sword against the wall.

Enemies look and behave absolutely real. They get tired, can be slow and inert, pathetic and defenseless when hurt. Knock them off, crush their bodies: the art of close combat you perform will look beautiful.

Explore the world around you. Use regular items as an effective weapon. All's fair in a merciless fight!