by Evegeniy Konnik
Evegeniy Konnik
Evgeniy Konnik
Adventure, First-person shooter
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The main character's mother cannot contact with aunt and asks her son to check if everything is in order. On behalf of the mother, the main character goes to his aunt's house... You play as Kevin and your main task is to save your aunt.

Few words about game

«Hidden» is a fast-paced horror-survival game, with small logic puzzles. All game will divide on the five chapters and will include day and night cycle. Night cycle will represent like small game session during which player will try to find some hints which need him for move progress through the main storyline.The game has two endings that depend from the player's actions.


  • Innovation Crayons mechanics. Paint Circle on the floor for defense player from demon.
  • Day and night cycle which provide time for thinking and opportunity for adrenalin
  • Ultraviolet Lamp for searching hidden clues
  • Biometrical compass for searching aunt.
  • Exclusive demon location in fully dark where player can see only small distance from himself.
  • Short Storyline with two different ending which depend from player actions