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Adventure, Roguelike, Tactical RPG
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Luscus is a rogue like RPG with heavy emphasis on narrative and world building. It features unique combat mechanics that blend together 4vs4 tactical combat, collectable cards and combo system of fighting games

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Set in a weird fantasy world Luscus is a story driven rogue like RPG with procedurally generated missions and nonlinear narrative. Party members define not only the combat options but the story’s turning points, as well as the endings.Excerpt from official Heroes Guild recruitment brochure: “Join the Heroes Guild! Participate in moderately paid heroic activities and save the world with no consequences whatsoever!”*

*Heroes Guild insurance does not cover injuries resulted by poor tactics skills


Game’s combat system is a unique blend of tactical 4x4 battles, collectibles card game mechanics and classic fighting games combo system. It is designed with midcore target audience in mind, while providing a great depth for more hardcore RPG players to execute various tactical options.