Machine Instinct

by Black Skysymmetry
Machine Instinct
Black Skysymmetry
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Are you ready to find out what it’s like to control the most tactically advanced mech dog in the history of tactically advanced mech dogs? “Machine Instinct” is a challenging side-scrolling survival/score-chasing single-level action game set in a Dark Sci-Fi setting inspired by early 90s era films and video-games.


- Face 9 vicious enemy robot types.

- Use 360-degree gyro-stabilized dual-shot plasma rifle with built-in overcharge mode and high-frequency grenades against your enemies.

- Earn $$$ and collect Sky Plasma Units to acquire vital upgrades: Missile Launcher, EMP Drone and Jet Pack.

- Make yourself hard to kill by enabling Translocator teleport device and purchase additional Health Points.

- Survive long enough and pick up Mecha Werewolf Transformation mode to unleash hell on your enemies!