Pathogenesis: Overcome

by 269th Lab Games Softworks
Pathogenesis: Overcome
269th Lab Games Softworks
269th lab games softworks
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Action RPG, Sandbox, Survival
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A not so accidental world pandemic of 2023, that turned people to their more primal selves, has become the reason for the downfall of modern civilization. Many survived, but did all the survivors remain human? This is a story about those who survived after a global pandemic on the territory of Leningradskaya Oblast, Russia. A story about finding your place in a destroyed world, where the greatest danger does not come from the infected. 

Pathogenesis: Overcome – story-driven Action RPG with hardcore gameplay, elements of survival and real-life combat tactics, wrapped in the style of modern dark realism.


  • Features:

    • Planning and tactics are more important than reflexes. Not everything can be solved by running and gunning. Ammo is rare, it weighs a lot, and has a tendency to run out. Weapons can wear down, or break entirely. You have to think twice before engaging in conflict. 
    • Using cover will drastically improve your chances of survival. Even one bullet from a handgun is enough the receive a deadly wound. Running guns blazing can lead to a premature death.
    • Dynamic camera and non-direct controls, increase your ability to survey your surroundings and increase your maneuverability without losing control of your character. Think about the path you want to go and then concentrate on your surroundings. 
    • Non-target shooting and a special aim mode, give you the ability to deal damage to specific areas of your enemies. Just let the suckers expose their elbow or knee... Or you can just shoot through surfaces with armor-piercing bullets.
    • A wide arsenal of real-life firearms, explosives, and ammo with proper characteristics and physically correct ballistics. Military, civilian, sports weapons from Russian and foreign arms manufacturers. Almost everything that you can find in real life. 
    • Modifications and tactical gear increase the ease of use for firearms but don't overdo it. Each element increases mass, to an already heavy arsenal.
    • Cold weapons and hand to hand combat. In case you will run out of ammo. Should you carry a lightweight fast combat knife or a more hard-hitting but heavy baseball bat? Or a long boat-hook to keep the monsters at bay? Is a trusty old axe enough, or should you carry a real sword if you can find one? In any case, you will need strength, agility and correct skills for proper use.
    • Wounds, bleeding, disease, hunger, thirst, sleep deprivation, fatigue... You will have to spend some time to provide yourself with basic necessities, in order to survive in this harsh world. Just find the necessary stuff, and your character will do the rest. Now only to figure out how to set up your stash and carry your goods there... 

    Planned features

    Game is in development. The full version will feature:

    • Dramatic choice infused plot, set in the harsh reality of Russia's near future. Hi-tech / low tech brought to its tragic absolutes.
    • Global map of Leningradskaya Oblast with separate sandbox locations and non-linear approach to solving quests. You can ignore everyone's pleas, and just move forward to your global goal. Or you can help those in need and receive not only material goods but something more.
    • Factions comprised of those who survived with unique ideologies which are neither bad or good. Each faction has its own politics and survival strategy. The only question is - how far will they take their pragmatic approach to the well being of others?

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