Robotics in VR

by VRobot:Robotics in VR
Robotics in VR
VRobot:Robotics in VR
Vive, Oculus
Open Beta
Simulation, Strategy
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Become an inventor and expert in robotics! Build, program, play.
Using HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift plunge into the amazing world of virtual reality, where you can master the skills of programming and designing robots and understand (and even see!) The work of complex mechanisms. The basic design for learning is the unique LEGO EV3 Mindstorms.


Selection of difficulty mode:
- Advance -
- Easy;

JonnyBot unique robot humanoid;
- The realistic atmosphere of sci-fi;
- Huge space for design and programming. The whole hangar!
- Educational materials available in the understanding;
- Programming of work mechanisms for a performance of tasks;
- Various and individual tasks for each job.
- You do not need to lay out a robot and sort by details :)

Dragster - designed on the basis of a sports car;
- It will help to understand how the transmissions work ;
- understanding of the work of the raised gears;
- passage of the route for an hour;
- location for a testing sports car;”