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Action, Adventure, Fighting, Third-person shooter
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R.U.N a Single Player - Shoot 'Em Up - Fighting - Narrative Adventure with RPG elements. 

In a Cyberpunk-ish greedy and twisted world.

In R.U.N. you take as Clark Price on the corrupt government of an energy-twisted dystopia. Brought back from an "early retirement" and thrust into a revolution gone wrong, harness your enemy's energy to fight for freedom throughout this vibrant and intense action-packed adventure.

It's a unique movement and action focused puzzle-shooter. Our goal is to deliver a fun combat and character-driven adventure.

Our key ingredient for this are a: beautiful, imaginative but dark city, an intuitive and compelling combat puzzle that keeps the player flow "in the zone" and an immersive narrative weaved through a greedy and twisted world.


  • An fast paced combat system, you have to choose your play style. 
  • Choose your weapons to survive different combat scenarios in your missions.
  • Variety of enemies with their own personality and behavior, will never live you in peace.
  • Brutalist aesthetic and atmospheric environments to explore.
  • Deep dark main story with mystery about the darkest corners of the city.
  • Secret areas with unlockable gear pieces and weapons and lore.
  • Skills tree system and upgrades

More Info

Our target is Q1 2022. We intend to release on PC first and are examining capabilities for an Xbox/PlayStation.