by Alexander Goodwin
Alexander Goodwin
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Adventure, Puzzle, Survival
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Sorrow adventure of the kind old-man and his magic staff, inspired by the era of postimpresionism, in mixed fantasy setting of Ancient Russia, Iceland.
The old man hear a cry of an unknown animal and eager to find and help it... Thus, your adventure begins.


  • The magic staff is the central part of the game mechanics and game's story. Everything in the world of Selfloss is strangely intertwined with the staff.
  • Combat system — control character and his staff simultaneously — the magic staff levitates around the protagonist generating light ray or light shields. Mix of strategy and dynamic in fights.
  • Explore the huge world of Selfloss on foot or a boat, but beware that the boat is also connected with the magic of staff.
  • The world of Selfloss — Variety of small and big islands surrounded by swamps and fields. There was a war few years before, after which strange creatures made only of bare bones and neural systems. Environment design also ispired by Ancient Russia and Iceland.
  • Art style — inspired by the era of post impressionism. Colors of Selfoss picked corresponding by color theories, especially Simultaneous Contrast theory.