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Spirit is a story about a girl — Laura — who goes to the lost forest in search of a mysterious creature that can cure her mother’s deadly disease.

The plot unfolds around the adventures of Laura and two revived artifacts that she finds along the way: ghost warrior, imprisoned in a magic lantern, and Okami, a ghost wolf, whose power is sealed in the amulet.

Together they have to overcome the dangers of the lost forest, filled with deadly puzzles and all sorts of spirits of Japanese folklore, in order to save the most valuable thing in the life of every child — the life of his parent.


Gradually, the player will be able to improve the artifacts, enriching the arsenal with new skills. The main enemies of the player are numerous dark spirits, which should be quietly bypassed or deceived, and if it did not work, defeated for what it's worth with the help of the environment or the wolf. Spirits can be scared away with the second artifact — the lantern. It causes no damage, but it can disable the enemies, which will help the player survive in difficult situations.

The energy of the artifacts is not infinite — it can be extracted from defeated enemies or found in various places and objects at the level. One artifact is able to absorb the energy of the other per player's decision. Artifacts are improved as they are used. The more a particular artifact is used, the more skill points it has. Apart from fighting the dark spirits, the player should solve various puzzles and carry out the tasks from some of the story characters. Quests are non-linear, so the solution of the same problem can be approached in different ways.