Stalin vs Martians 4

by Kremlincorp
Stalin vs Martians 4
In Dev
Action, Adventure, Top-down shooter
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Stalin vs Martians 4 is a dynamic hybrid of isometric action and Stalinism. This kind of synergy provides unlimited possibilities for the intricacy of sophisticated ambivalence of synesthesia. Or whatever. Also there are lots of explosions and you can shoot people from the rocket launcher.

The game is very narrative-based. Kinda like Firewatch, but, you know, better. It is also very cinematic. So we intend to provide a stable, very cinematic rate of 24 frames per second... Oh, wait. Okay, maybe more if the audience expects a certain digital fidelity in this field.


  • Giant Stalin riding a giant mech.
  • You can kill Martians (and they can kill you).
  • Physics-based destruction of environment. A bit like Katamari Damacy, but in reverse.
  • Lots of weapons. Like railgun that shoots... rails.
  • Our trademark intermissions.
  • The best soundtrack ever.
  • Actual gameplay.

The game may also feature nudity if we'll be able to find someone nude.