Twin Soul

by White Noise Team
Twin Soul
White Noise Team
PC, Xbox, PS
In Dev
Adventure, Puzzle, Survival
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Twin Soul is a puzzle horror video game that takes place in an distant and desolate town somewhere in Eastern Europe. A player should face frightful creatures and solve twisted puzzles to survive. The game raises a variety of social problems, the expression of which can be found in the appearance of monsters, the environment and the characters themselves.

The project is heavily inspired by Team Silent, H.R.Giger and David Lynch works. Creating real psychological horror experience is the primary mission of the project.


  •  Photo-realistic graphics
  •  Different types of enemies with unique combat features
  •  Allusions to social problems
  •  Post-Soviet setting
  •  The enemies that require puzzle solving to defeat
  •  Two characters campaigns to play through
  •  Making decisions that would have influence on the endgame

More Info

The game takes place in a post-Soviet industrial city, in a seismically active zone.

There are more and more missing people over the past few years in the peninsula. According to local legends, they all could be the victims of abnormal earthquakes.

Two boys, the orphans, were raised by Alexey’s aunt, replacing their mother. But friends went their separate ways. Sergey rose to the rank of captain, got into the investigation department and moved to the capital. Alexey became an engineer at a local plant, but he caused the deadly accident, so he was sent to prison.

Two weeks before the game action, an aunt was brutally murdered. Alexey returns to an empty apartment, Sergey also goes to his hometown suspecting a former friend. An earthquake caught them off guard, so they find themselves locked in a huge empty house full of strange aggressive creatures.

You can choose each of the characters for playing to see the story from both sides. Characters have to work together to move forward and survive, also the player’s actions will affect whether the characters will become friends again or remain enemies.