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the Sentinels
by the HIVE games

the Sentinels is a mobile looter strategy game with active pause and procedural content generation. Fight with alien invaders at Arcologies — hundred stories city-structures, build up your base and pr...

Open Beta
Wartide Worlds
by RedPad Games

Wartide Worlds-a game that tells the story of what will happen if people do not take care of the Earth and each other. If they Deplete their own resources, they will open up travel to the cosmic void...

In Dev
Hard Stone
by Unreal Interactive

Hello world. New stone-punk open world action game where the engine your car or helicopter is driven by the energy of strange bugs. The world where stranger from fallen spacecraft become your best fri...

In Dev
SpellMaster: The Saga
by Spellbook Creations

SpellMaster: Saga — a single player third-person fantasy open world RPG with the opportunity to build your own magic academy.

In Dev
Withstand: Survival
by Egidijus Bachur

Play as journalist who arrived to unknown island to reveal all the mysteries and find information about secret government experiments. Explore beautiful and dangerous open world. Try to survive, fight...

Open Beta
Flea Madness
by Missset

Hunt. Eat. Evolve! Join a team of alien fleas in this fast-paced game of maddening multiplayer melee mayhem! Choose your species, customize your abilities, and then hunt, eat, and squash your friends...

In Dev
Twin Soul
by White Noise Team

Twin Soul is a puzzle horror video game that takes place in an distant and desolate town somewhere in Eastern Europe. A player should face frightful creatures and solve twisted puzzles to survive. The...

In Dev
On Air
by RainStyle production

ON AIR is a game in the genre of SURVIVAL HORROR with Sci-fi elements written in the first person.You are to explore every corner of the gloomy old hotel Algol, alive with ominous creatures. Moreover,...

In Dev
Saturated Outer Space
by Rummy Games

Saturated Outer Space is a turn-based sci-fi tactical strategy. You are Captain of the S.O.S. rescue team working for the galactic commercial rescue service. Try the role of a rescuer in the deep spac...

In Dev
Sayri: The Beginning
by Vidloonnya Reborn

FIND YOUR WAY TO A NEW HOME Forced to flee their homeworld after catastrophic events, Sayri has crash-landed on the stunning world of Ayris. Inspired by its beauty, they are compelled to explore this...

In Dev
Another Way
by STF Games

Another way is a nonlinear Action/RPG from third person’s view with interactive movie elements, crafted in the best traditions of the medieval Fantasy. Game’s setting takes it’s beginning in classic f...

In Dev
by Sobaka Studio

Paracelsus (working title) is a twin-stick shooter set in a dark Renaissance world where you will tear the enemies to pieces with a shotgun while also creating your own abilities using alchemy! In the...

In Dev
Singular Space
by Space Sauce

Mobile real-time strategy about glorious battles of space fleets. Use tactics and micromanagement in PvP and story missions. Immerse yourself in a complex metagame with a wide variety of ships and wea...

In Dev
by Fazan

Egress is a multiplayer action game with elements of survival and elaborate combat system from the independent russian studio Fazan. The game takes place in the dark universe of Howard Phillips Lovecr...

Open Beta
Ancient Knowledge
by Oleg Malyshko

Ancient knowledge is an adventure game in which you will explore the ruins of settlements of the powerful ancient civilization that lived here long time ago, overcoming the traps and puzzles they left...

by Freaky Bytes

Hydropunk is an original action adventure game set in the underground world of hydro-powered machinery. Saper, a young engineer, who was raised in the golden cage, has to rescue his sister from unknow...

In Dev
Reign of Guilds
by Atlant Games

Reign of Guilds is a classic MMORPG. Dark magical middle ages: open world, castle sieges, economy and diplomacy, merchant and craft associations, churche and mercenaries, counts and of course the King...

In Dev
Slinger Simulator
by District Zero Studios

Multiplayer  VR-training for business. Concrete structures loading and unloading simulator with different roles (crane operator, slinger, signalman).